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Freedom From Alcohol!

Discover A More Excellent Way to overcome alcohol addiction and live a fulfilling life rooted in faith

Are You...

Seeking alcohol to fill what feels like a spiritual void, moving away from the peace Christ offers?

Worried your solitary drinking habits are becoming a hidden problem no one else sees?

Struggling to maintain your spiritual practices due to alcohol, wondering how to regain your focus on faith?

Caught in a cycle of drinking to cope, looking for an escape to a healthier lifestyle?

Finding it challenging to live out the abundant life promised in scripture because of alcohol's grip on you?

Promising yourself to cut back on drinking, only to find yourself breaking that promise by evening?

Don't Worry... You're in the Right Place!

My Mission

I help men strengthen their relationship with Christ by leaving alcohol behind.

My Vision

To create a global and supportive community of Christian men who are empowered to live alcohol-free, leading healthier lives that are in God's will.

You can leave alcohol behind by renewing your mind.

About Me... And Just Maybe... About You Too

My name is Vince Trujillo, a certified This Naked Mind coach. I am a Christian with deep faith in Christ. Jesus is the air I breathe, but there was a time in my life when I did drink, before Christ and even after Jesus saved me, I still drank. Of course, right after I was saved, I had no desire to drink alcohol at all but little by little the world and the flesh got their grip on me again and I continued drinking as if everything was fine. However, everything was not fine. I began to feel that my relationship with Christ was not as strong as it once was and that the Holy Spirit had been dampened.

At Alcohol Free 4 Live, we believe in a life that is centered on Christ. We believe that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We, therefore, believe in maintaining an alcohol-free existence and prefer to live life embracing the joy of the Lord and all that has to offer without the hinderance of alcohol.

Good News... It's Not Your Fault

If this is your story too, I have good news. It's not your fault. Sure, we have choices, but when dealing with a highly addictive substance we are not always in control. Society at large wants to blame the person and not the alcohol or our culture of drinking that tells you you're not cool if you don't drink. It is not your fault but it is your responsibility. This is your life and the only one you will have. I can help you see that you can take back control over your life.

It's never too late, so why not now? If not now... when?

Supportive Community of Christian Men

Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ... He led me to This Naked Mind. Thank God for Annie Grace and her mission to teach the world that there is an easier way to become alcohol free or to even change your relationship with alcohol.

It doesn't have to be so hard and you don't have to rely on will power to change. With this program and with support from this brother in Christ, I can help you renew your mind so that alcohol becomes small and irrelevant in your life. You can get to a point, as I have, where you don't even want to drink and you don't miss it one bit.

Real Freedom!

Join a community of like-minded Christian men who are on the same journey towards alcohol-free living. Gain support, encouragement, and accountability from others who understand your struggles.

Renewed Sense of Purpose and Fulfillment

Through our program, you will discover:

  • A more excellent way to live, rooted in faith and free from the grip of alcohol.

  • A renewed sense of purpose, joy, and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

  • Peace that endures life's challenges, guided by faith instead of alcohol, offering a steady calm through life's ups and downs.

. . .


Some Words From Clients

Before working with Vince, I had a lot of self-doubt and limiting beliefs that prevented me from pursuing my passions. Vince helped me identify these beliefs and provided me with practical strategies to overcome them.

Vince helped me set realistic goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Thanks to his guidance and support, I was able to overcome many of my limiting beliefs. His coaching process was transformative for me, and I'm grateful for his insight and expertise.

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